Powerlifting Gear & Equipment For Sale

We have more gear in stock if want to see pictures or purchase items send us an email through our contact page.

Titan Velocity Deadlift suit sumo stance size 50 (like new)$150

Inzer Hardcore squat suit size 35  Brand New $140

Ehphd blast 56,$70 these go for $100 on inzer website

Fury size (used)46 & 48, $70

F6 size 48(used) $70 these are $120 on titan website

Hd blast 56,$40 These sell for $58 on inzer website

Phenom 56,$100 These are $140 on inzer website

Standard denim(new) $70 chest 41 arm 18 These are $100 on inzer site

Metal King Deadlifter size 42 (like new)$100 they sell for $206 on their site

titan super centurion r/s size 32 (like new)$120 They sell for $220 on titan site

titan centurian briefs r/s size 34 $50 These sell for $80 on titan website

titan centurion w/s size 42 $120 These sell for $220 on titan site

24 inch wrist wraps (New) black w/ red stripes $20

Rage X size 40  like new only worn twice   $ 120